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With LOVE from Canada...Get Your Free Copy of SET MY PEOPLE FREE Before It's Gone...

Be Uplifted and Transformed by This Song Even if it Gets Banned by the Internet.

Help us keep this song safe and share the love.

"This song changed my life! I hope it changes yours."

How Will Downloading "Set My People Free" Change Your Life?

Hello, my name is Freedom Singer and I'm so glad you're hereWe live in crazy times. Unprecedented times. What is lacking for most people right now is HOPE and LOVE. So I wrote this song to give you hope. I write this so you could share hope with your friends. I wrote this so you wouldn't feel quite so alone. I wrote this so citizens of the world could stand together in LOVE. I wrote this so that you would know you are LOVED BEYOND MEASURE.I wrote this so we could all pray and stand with Canada, the USA, the Netherlands, India and citizens of every country as we all go through this difficult time, We the people of the world who long for freedom to be restored.

Stop Feeling Helpless

There IS something you can do. Shoulder to shoulder we UNITE IN PRAYER as one. Standing for freedom until VICTORY is WON. Share this song with everyone you know

  • Learn to Move Mountains

    It's easy to get discouraged. Learn how PRAISE and WORSHIP can move mountains and how singing can literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE and those around you. This is just the beginning!

  • Share the Love

    There is only one way forward and that is love and unity. It is a NARROW PATH to freedom, but the stepping stones are here.
    Walk with us and STEP INTO YOUR CALLING!

  • With Much Love From Canada....

    Stand with us in love and together we can change the world.

    What is Freedom Music?

    We are all spiritual beings having a physical experience here on this planet. 
    Freedom Music is music that helps you touch your spirit and connect with something much bigger and deeper than yourself - 
    and that is, of course, the Spirit of God.  The Bible says the Truth will SET YOU FREE - let's start there!
    "Set My People Free" is my free gift to you, I hope you join us for this journey.  It's going to be pretty exciting!